WordPress, with its revolutionary features like the block editor and Full Site Editor, has consistently emerged as a vanguard of this digital evolution. At BrutalWP, we are more than just observers in this arena; we are active contributors, crafting the future of digital solutions.

Even as a fresh player in this vast industry, our undeterred commitment to excellence and innovative spirit has enabled us to produce products that don’t just meet, but often transcend industry standards. This vigor has rapidly positioned our solutions as both competent and competitive in a market teeming with seasoned giants.

Guided by our deep understanding of contemporary design trends, and driven by the demands of today’s digital audience, especially the Gen-Z, we have embarked on a journey to offer digital tools that marry form with function.

Our Diverse Product Portfolio

LearnZee LMS Theme

This Gutenberg-based online teaching theme for WordPress encapsulates the essence of modern education. Tailored specifically for educators, LearnZee seamlessly integrates with established Learning Management Systems such as Learndash, LearnPress, Tutor LMS, and LifterLMS. With its aesthetic prowess and robust backend capabilities, LearnZee ensures an optimal educational journey for both educators and learners.

Shopwise Theme

A formidable entrant in the e-commerce arena, Shopwise is a feature-rich WordPress theme, powered entirely by the Gutenberg editor. This theme has been designed to revolutionize online shopping, providing a visually compelling platform enriched with state-of-the-art functionalities making the customers shopping experience seamless.

Our Core Tenets


Recognizing the digital age’s demand for immediacy, all our products prioritize swift loading and fluid interactions.

User Experience

Beyond the aesthetics, we ensure that each product delivers a user-centric, intuitive journey tailored for individuals across the expertise spectrum.


High-caliber quality doesn’t necessitate exorbitant pricing. Our commitment is to offer outstanding value for every investment.

5 Star Support

Our relationship with our clientele is enduring. With a dedicated 5-star customer support wing, we stand ready to assist, ensuring that every concern is addressed promptly.

Choosing BrutalWP is not just a decision for today; it’s an investment for tomorrow. Together, let’s shape a vibrant and innovative future!