6 Best Employee Management WordPress Plugins

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5 Best Employee Management WordPress Plugins

Do you own a company full of talented working hands? Do you have a tough time maintaining the daily workloads done by your employees? Do you want to monitor your employees’ performance through your company website?

If all the answers are yes, you must look into some HR and employee management WordPress plugins to keep track of your daily office work.

The following article will discuss the five most important employee management WordPress plugins any company owner must consider using. These plugins will help you manage all the workloads of your employers.

Above all, you don’t have to look for new employee management plugins again. This article will help you choose the best of the best human resource and employee management plugins.

So, If you need an employee management WordPress plugin, please read through it.

Let’s dive in.

What is a WordPress Employee Management Plugin?

Employee management WordPress plugin is a software that manages and secures all the information of employees (joining date, attendance, payment, role, etc) and prepares reports to evaluate their performance in WordPress.

It simplifies the employee management process and lets you create an employee report without any hassle.

Why Use WordPress Employee Management Plugins?

Employee management is crucial for any organization as you have to keep employee information updated. Besides this, there are many other reasons that make an organization adopt employee management WordPress plugins. 

Here is the list of reasons that dive an organization uses an employee management plugin:

  1. Easy employee data management: It offers a centralized platform where all HR and managers get access to all the data. Therefore, they will find all the info in one place.
  2. Faster data management: Since this plugin automates lots of processes such as time tracking, attendance calculation, etc, you can swiftly manage employee data without facing any issues.
  3. Better compliance: It is also good for maintaining compliance as employee management tools keep employee laws and legislation updated. 
  4. Team collaboration: Many employee management plugins have features for team collaboration such as calendars, project management tools, messaging systems, etc. As a result, you can collaborate with your team members to bring the best output.
  5. Cost reduction: It reduces HR hiring costs as these plugins tremendously automate  HR tasks and reduces the need for hiring multiple hrs. 

What to Consider for Best WordPress Employee Management Plugin?

Before selecting the best WordPress employee management plugins, you have to consider a few things. Here are a few things that you should always focus on before picking an employee management plugin:

  1. You have to check out the features of the employee management plugin to identify whether it is appropriate for your business or not.
  2. Consider selecting a plugin that is super user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  3. Look for the customization features of your employee management plugin and choose it only if it meets all your requirements and needs. 
  4. Your selected plugin must offer great support and documentation so that you can easily find a solution for any problem. 
  5. It should have great compatibility with all the popular plugins and themes.
  6. Check the pricing of an employee management plugin and determine whether the cost is justified or not.

These are the major key points that you need to consider before going for an employee management plugin. Now, are you confused what are the most effective employee management plugins? Check out the next section to learn about the top employee management plugins.

Top 6 Employee Management WordPress Plugins

So, here it begins. You will learn about the six most helpful employee management WordPress plugins. Let’s find out!

  • WP ERP By weDevs
  • CrewHRM
  • WP HRM
  • Employee and HR Manager
  • Employee Directory
  • WP HR Manager

WP ERP – One of the Best Employee Management WordPress Plugins

Price: $12/monthActive Installations: 9,000+Rating: 4.4

WP ERP is a fantastic plugin that manages small businesses in the WordPress platform. It has everything you need to manage customer relation, human resources, and account directly from the website.

WP ERP is tailored by weDevs Ltd, one of the best WordPress element developer companies. You can easily trust their customer service. They have a dedicated customer service team who can solve any issue related to WP ERP. Overall, it’s one of the best employee management WordPress plugins in the market.

You can edit, add, or remove any company information on WP ERP anytime. The plugin is available in both free and pro versions. It comes with a set of impressive features. Let’s check some of its core features.

Key Features:

  • Employees can add their departments and designations.
  • Employees can edit their profiles from the dashboard.
  • Any employee can request leave if needed.
  • Administrators can manage employee leave requests.


WP ERP comes with both free and pro versions where pricing of the premium starts at $9.99 with 9+ extensions. However, the pricing of this premium version becomes higher based on the number of users.

CrewHRM – An Ideal WordPress Job Board Plugin

CrewHRM is one of the most advanced and growing job board plugins in WordPress that streamlines your recruitment system better than ever. 

It combines a complete recruitment system in one place and showcases an overview of the entire organization through a dashboard. Besides, you can manage candidates’ profiles via inbox which also comes with an easy sorting system.

Additionally, writing professional job descriptions is not difficult any more, all thanks to its builtin templates.

Key features:

  • Easily virtual meetings can be initiated with a single click.
  • It lets you display job posts anywhere on your site using shortcodes.
  • Applicants can search job posts with different keywords and criteria.


All plans of CrewHRM come with both yearly and lifetime deals. Both deals include 3 packages where the pricing of yearly packages starts at $49 and lifetime starts at $149. CrewHRM offers live demo service so that you can seamlessly examine the service it provides.


Price: $34.50/monthActive Installations: 400+Rating: 4.09

This plugin will save you time when it comes to managing employees and increasing team productivity. WP HRM allows you to fast-track employee management from your WordPress dashboard whenever you want.

WP HRM is a feature-packed human resource plugin that helps build a perfect employee management work environment. This WordPress plugin will keep your management smooth and easily accessible.

WP HRM comes with a bunch of fantastic premium features. Let’s check some of those features.

Key Features:

  • Add unlimited employees.
  • Manage employee attendance.
  • Generate salary slips.
  • Employee leave management.
  • Add designation and multiple departments.
  • Manage notifications easily.


WP HRM comes with two premium packages: Monthly and Yearly with a 30 days free trial option. The monthly plan starts at $19 and the yearly $228. Unfortunately, WP HRM doesn’t offer a free plan in the WordPress directory.

Employee and HR Manager (EHRM)

Price: $19Sales: 150+Rating: 4.5

Now scheduling, reporting, and time-tracking are more accessible than ever with EHRM. This plugin comes with a bunch of great HR functionalities. The support team is also supportive if you face any issues regarding the plugin.

The plugin has a set of unmatchable features that helps create a flexible employee management workforce. This WordPress plugin gives you everything you need to easily handle your daily human resource workloads.

So, let’s take a look at the key features this plugin has to offer.

Key Features:

  • Manage everything from a single dashboard interface.
  • Organize employee information.
  • Add multiple designations and departments.
  • Employee designation management.
  • User-friendly interface.


It has only one paid plan that is available at the price of $19 at Weblizar.com. Sadly, no free plan is available for this plugin.

Employee Directory

Price: $999.99Active Installations: 300+Rating: 4

Staff Directory helps you add complete employee profiles to your WordPress website. It allows the advanced search to find specific employee details quickly. This plugin has a handful amount of features to utilize.

The employee directory allows you to create an employee email list to send email notifications regarding any official announcements. It’s surely one of the user-friendliest employee management WordPress plugins. Let’s see what other features it’s offering.

Key Features:

  • Send important emails and notifications to employees.
  • It has recognition and reward systems based on performance.
  • It has an advanced search result option with a sort bar.


Employee Directory has three paid versions along with the free plan. Here the Starter, Best Pro, and Custom are the paid plans of the Employee Directory. The custom plan comes with special pricing whereas the Best Pro starts at $999.99.

WP HR Manager

Price: N/AActive Installations: 600+Rating: 3

If you want to control you manage your human resources directly from your WordPress website, consider this plugin today! It makes your employee management process a lot easier. It has a ton of outstanding features.

HR Manager has everything an HR department requires. If you’re looking for a feature-rich HR plugin then WP HR Manager is the one you can consider.

Let’s check those out!

Key Features:

  • Update anytime with new features.
  • Manage and maintain employee details.
  • It offers self-service features for employees.
  • Employee dashboard.
  • Designation and department management.


WP-HR Manager has free,  monthly, yearly, and lifetime deals with budget-friendly pricing. Its monthly, yearly, and lifetime packages are respectively $9.99, $95.88, and $289.99. Besides, a 14 days money-back guarantee is also available with the plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plugin is best for the WordPress staff list?

WP ERP, WP HRM, Employee Directory, etc are the top picks for adding a staff list to your WordPress site. Because their cutting-edge customization and handy features allow you to create and add an excellent list of staff to your website. 

What is the WordPress plugin for employee attendance?

WordPress employee attendance plugin refers to software that automates the time tracking process and creates employee performance reports based on that. 

Besides, the employee attendance plugin can manage and approve leave requests whenever it’s needed. As a result, organizations or institutes can experience accurate employee reports.

Which is the best plugin for human resource management?

You will find various options in WordPress for human resource management such as WP ERP, WP HRM, Employee Directory, WP HR Manager, etc. These are the most efficient and effective plugins that allow you to swiftly manage human resources without any extensive technical knowledge. 

Which is the best office management WordPress plugin?

Because of the increasing demand for office management, every now and then new plugins are being launched in WordPress. WP ERP, WP HR Manager, WP HRM, Employee, and HR Manager are the most popular office management plugins. However, if you consider the popularity WP ERP is the most popular plugin among them.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, it was a good read for you. Now you have a clear vision of which employee management WordPress plugin you should choose. You can tell us if you know of any employee management WordPress plugins.

Finally, let us know what you think about this article. You can share it on social media or with friends who you think are looking for WordPress plugins for employee management or HR.

You can also share this piece of content with your friends or on social media. Thank you all for bearing with us with patience.

Have a good day, guys!

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