Best WordPress LMS Plugins in 2024

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Best WordPress LMS Plugins

LMS, or learning management system, is the protocol that allows learners to attend classes online. But LMS is about more than just online classes. You can quickly build an online learning platform and a marketplace with WordPress LMS plugins. However, you must have a WordPress website to utilize WordPress LMS plugins best.

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This is the age of online courses and remote degrees. The recent COVID-19 has clarified how important it is to have online learning environments for everyone worldwide. Here LMS came to play a crucial role. 

Additionally, online learning will help you learn many cool things at home. Isn’t that awesome? A learning management system makes the entire process much more flexible for learners and tutors. Let’s just say you want to learn the French language. You have to find an online learning platform that teaches the French language. A learning management system helps build that online learning platform with the utmost facilities.

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In this article, you’ll learn a lot about WordPress LMS plugins. Furthermore, before choosing the right LMS plugin, you must know how to start a learning website and what aspects to consider.

So, let’s dive into the topic.

How to Start a Learning Website?

Whenever you want to start a website, there’s a name that comes to your mind. It’s WordPress. Of course, it’s the most reliable and popular content management system worldwide. You must choose the self-hosted as it has more features than

It’s now time to choose the best domain name for your platform. You can use any hosting service provider, such as Bluehost, Hostgator, or Hostinger. To offer online courses through your website, you must need SSL Certification to help you get paid safely.

So, this is how you build your online learning website. Now it’s time to look at what WordPress LMS plugins you should use. What features do you need to check before choosing the best LMS plugin?

Let’s see.

What Are You Looking for in a WordPress LMS Plugins?

You already know how to start a learning WordPress website. Now you need to find the best WordPress LMS plugins. So, what features do you need to consider while choosing the best LMS tool for your website? You should see a few essential features in LMS plugins.

  • Course material building.
  • Course progress data.
  • Student enrollment and information.
  • Exams and quizzes options.
  • BuddyPress integration.
  • Homework tool.
  • Safe payment gateway.
  • Email system.

All the abovementioned features can make your learning platform more efficient. Therefore, you need plugins that will offer all these options.

Let’s look at some of the best WordPress LMS plugins in the market. There will be a long list of fantastic LMS tools you can’t miss. So, sit tight and read the article till the end. You’ll learn a lot about LMS tools.

Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Consider in 2024

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS can be one of the most renowned WordPress plugins on the bucket list. One of the most dedicated WordPress developer companies, Themeum, produced this awesome plugin. Within a brief period, it gained more than 50,000 active customers worldwide. Tutor LMS is powerful and feature-packed, with a drag-and-drop course builder, frontend course builder, certificate builder, and more.

Tutor LMS - Best WordPress LMS plugin

You can add multimedia files, such as images, audio, and videos, to the course materials. Tutor LMS is a fully customizable plugin that helps modify all elements inside.

Price: The core version is free. However, the premium one costs $149 for a single site.



If you’re looking for one of the most potent WordPress LMS plugins, MemberPress is all you need. It allows you to create and manage online courses pretty handily. It has a built-in online classroom mode. Therefore, you don’t need to waste time designing a custom classroom.

MemberPress WordPress LMS plugin

The classroom mode features keep your online courses looking beautiful and balanced. MemberPress also has an online class builder correlated with the WordPress block editor.

Price: You can avail MemberPress premium subscription at $179 for a single site with one year of support. The subscription also offers an auto-update feature.



LearnDash is a popular name in the world of WordPress LMS plugins. It’s so well-known due to its power-packed features and user-friendliness. It has a drag-and-drop feature that helps you create quizzes, categories, topics, lessons, and more. You can also deliver all the lessons once at a time or with a schedule.

LearnDash LMS website screenshot
LearnDash LMS website screenshot

LearnDash allows you to provide assignments to your students. You can also comment on the assignments and approve them promptly. You can fully control all the tests and exams online. Isn’t that fascinating? It offers a set of excellent features too.

Price: Learn Dash comes with $119.40 for a single site with year-long support and updates.



Are you looking for an all-in-one learning management tool for your website? Look no further. LifterLMS is right here at your service. LifterLMS is one of the most potent WordPress LMS plugins out there. With LifterLMS, it’s time to make your online courses visually more appealing. How is that? Very simple. You can add multimedia video, audio, and image lessons with ease.


LifterLMS has multi-tier courses with lessons, categories, training modules, and more. The iconic drag-and-drop course builder helps you create engaging online studies in no time.

Price: The premium subscription fee of LifterLMS starts at $120 for a single site.



Teachable is one of the most highly-potential drag-and-drop course builder plugins. It’s not a WordPress plugin. However, you can add Teachable to your custom domain or sub-domain. You can also add a Teachable link to your school’s online page.

Teachable lms plugin

If you need a host for your online course, Teachable is the ideal one that provides you with all the helpful tools. It offers some crucial features like email marketing and sales page builder. The marketing tool helps you promote your online tuition business.

Teachable has a fine-tuned analytical option that allows you to monitor student engagement and performance.

Price: Teachable is cheaper than most WordPress LMS plugins. The subscription fee starts at $29/month only!



You can go for LearnPress if you want free WordPress LMS plugins. LearnPress. If you’ve used Moodle LMS, you’ll find LearnPress very similar. You can call LearnPress the Moodle of WordPress. It’s super easy to reuse content from one course to another. With LearnPress, you can easily create courses and release them for free or as paid programs.

LearnPress - WordPress LMS plugin

There is a multisite feature that allows you to sell your courses on multiple WordPress websites without dropping a sweat. There are more add-on features on the paid version. So there’s always a chance to upgrade your LearnPress.

Price: The premium add-on bundle price starts at $249.99. But you can use the free version if you wish.


WP Courseware

Courseware is another powerful drag-and-drop course builder in this list. Whether you want to create a small or big learning website, WP Courseware will make your dream come true with its numerous features. The courseware has an auto-listing system that will create a list when you publish multiple courses to your website. Your student can choose their desired course from that list very easily.

WP Courseware LMS solution

The courseware has features like course pre-requisite and course track that will help your student to track the ongoing learning experience. You can add course modules, categories, and quizzes to each course.

Price: The premium version comes at $129 for two sites with a year-long update and support.



Sensei is an extraordinary kind of LMS plugin. Why it’s so special? Because the creators behind WooCommerce and Jetpack have crafted this masterpiece. It has the same user interface as WooCommerce and WordPress. With Sensei, you can easily create courses from your WordPress editor panel.

Sensei LMS plugin for WordPress

You can add multimedia such as videos, slideshows, and images to your courses. You already know how multimedia can make all the lessons more attractive to your students. Sensei has many features that make the whole learning experience easier and more fun for your learners.

Price: You can purchase Sensei at $149 with a year-long update and support benefits.



If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your LMS  website, Masteriyo can be a revolutionary plugin for you. Even if you’re a non-tech-savvy person, you’ll be able to easily create courses, quizzes, and lessons with this plugin. You can add unlimited assignments and courses with Masteriyo. It has free and premium versions both. However, the premium version has three plans. The premium plans have a lot of unique features you don’t want to miss.

Masteriyo WordPress LMS plugin

Price: Free, and three premium versions are available. The price starts at $199 for a single site a year. For five websites, you have to pay $299 a year. The price for 99 sites is $499 a year.


Good LMS

Good LMS is one of the cheapest and most reliable WordPress LMS plugins in the Codecanyon marketplace. As the least expensive premium plugin, it has fantastic features that allow you to create and sell online courses. A few demos on Codecanyon, such as student backend, transaction backend, and instructor backend, will enable you to grab all the facilities simultaneously.

Good LMS - Cheapest LMS solution

The positive side is it’s a user-friendly WordPress plugin that will comfort your entire journey as a course instructor.

Price: As low as $31 per year with support and update. You have to pay a one-time payment to purchase this plugin.


Namaste LMS

Namaste LMS is less popular than the other highly-demanded plugins in the marketplace. However, it has all the unique features you can use on your learning website. When it comes to price, Namaste LMS is one of the most affordable WordPress LMS plugins out there. But it has a free version for primary usage as well.

Namaste LMS WordPress plugin

It has an intuitive course builder, certificate, badge provider, and more. The plugin enables you to add a shopping cart for paid courses with WooCommerce integration. Overall, Namaste LMS is a user-friendly and straightforward plugin you can ever have!

Price: The pro version is available at $47 a year.


MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy is one of the newest and fastest-growing LMS plugins in the WordPress plugins directory. If you want to keep your education WordPress website more viable, MasterStudy is here to facilitate you with all the great features. You can download this plugin for free with a limited number of features.

MasterStudy LMS plugin

However, the pro version offers high-demanding elements and add-ons. It comes with the official MasterStudy WordPress LMS themes. Additionally, it’s very flexible to use and user-friendly. Last but not least, the price is very budget-friendly.

Price: You only need $25/year to purchase MasterStudy LMS Pro.


Academy LMS

Academy LMS is a top-notch premium plugin that helps you build professional-looking course content on your educational website. It has all the advanced features that help students, admins, and instructors to get the best experience. Students can easily browse all the courses according to the course criteria.

Academy LMS

This plugin provides a dedicated dashboard for all the instructors. An instructor can browse and check the payment status. Admins can have their dashboards looking after the course categories, student enrolment process, and course approval.

Price: The license at $55 a year. Academy LMS currently has 3000+ active downloads with good ratings, and the number is increasing fast.



JetEngine is an all-in-one plugin with futuristic features for the WordPress LMS website. It’s undoubtedly one of the most powerful, feature-packed WordPress LMS plugins that helps you build custom post types with an impressive user dashboard from scratch. With all the user configurations and elements, you can create a perfect LMS environment with JetEngine.

JetEngine WordPress solution for LMS

JetEngine supports Gutenberg or Elementor user interface. Additionally, it comes with tons of unique widgets and blocks to make your front-end page building smoother.

Price: The JetEngine subscription fee starts at $43/year. It’s one of the most affordable WordPress LMS plugins out there.


Paid membership pro has all the valuable elements and features to help you create a premium website. Hopefully, you understood that this plugin is suitable for LMS websites, premium courses, and training providers. It will help the users to choose their desired membership level, purchase it, and become a member immediately.

Paid Membership Pro LMS solution

This awesome membership plugin lets members quickly log in, manage billing info, and deactivate their accounts. You can also manage members’ activities from your website. Overall, this is a unique plugin for your LMS site.

Price: Free version available. Although, the paid subscriptions varies between $247/year to $697/year.


Wrapping Up

Finally, that’s all about the best WordPress LMS Plugins you can use. Now you no longer need to look for another WordPress LMS plugin anywhere. However, there are thousands of plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory. Therefore, it wasn’t easy for us to find the best out of the bests. Share your suggestion if you think we’ve missed any LMS plugins.

We are looking forward to adding more to the list.

Hopefully, this article was helpful enough for you to select the befitting WordPress plugins for your learning WordPress website. You can share valuable thoughts with us if you find this useful content. We appreciate your voice.

Thank you all for bearing with us. Have a good day.

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