Namaste! LMS Review: Exploring Potential, Pros, and Cons

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Namaste! LMS review

Winning over the journey of online education requires the right tools to navigate the complexity of course creation, management, and engagement. Namaste! LMS review emerges as a potential guide, specifically tailored for WordPress users to offer solutions for online course creators. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the nitty-gritty of Namaste! LMS, analyzing its core features, advantages, and drawbacks to provide you with the best understanding of how it stands out in the modern era of the eLearning industry.

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system is software created to build, manage, deliver, and track online courses to ensure a smooth eLearning business. It also offers an option to monitor student participation and performance so that you can build the most flexible eLearning platform.

What is Namaste! LMS?

Namaste! LMS Review

Namaste! LMS is one of the growing and leading learning management systems specially designed for WordPress users, aiming to provide a comprehensive solution for course creators and instructors. 

This LMS ensures you have complete flexibility in building and tracking your educational content without facing the limitation on the number of courses, lessons, and students.

Namaste! LMS Review: Core Features 

Namaste! LMS features

This LMS comes with a plethora of functionalities for course creation and customization. Here are the core functions of this eLearning system:

Extensively Scalable:

Namaste! LMS supports an unlimited number of courses, lessons, and students so that you can enjoy unparalleled flexibility in building your eLearning website.

Limit Access with Drip Content:

It allows you to set different rules and conditions and make them available over a certain period. Simply, you can control the educational path of your course participants.

Gamification System: 

This LMS lets you reward your students by offering certifications on academic achievements. It means you can create unique badges, certificates, etc., and reward your students on successful course completion.

Grading System:

Namaste! LMS has a grading system to evaluate your student’s performance through numbers. A manual or automatic option is available to set this grading or pointing system.

Manage Gradebook:

You can keep all your student’s performance recorded in one place using a comprehensive Gradebook. It streamlines the overall evaluation process.

Automatic and manual enrollment:

It offers automatic as well as manual enrollment so that you can have full flexibility in the course approval and review. 

Group Courses:

Course segmentation gets easier with Namaste! LMS. It means you can make your courses available to a certain group of people and offer a personalized learning experience.

Special Offers or Discount Coupons:

This LMS allows you to create and offer alluring discount codes to course participants or eLearners which rapidly boost enrollment rates.

Payment gateways:

It offers payment integrations almost for all the popular gateways, ensuring a flawless payment system.

Watu, Moola moja, WooCommerce, myCRED, GamiPress, BuddyPress, etc all the popular plugins are finely integrated with this LMS which ensures you can enjoy all functionalities under one umbrella.

Pros of Namaste LMS

  • No limitation on the number of courses, lessons, and students.
  • It includes a Gradebook to record students’ performance or scores.
  • Wonderful gamification features to boost student engagement.
  • Automatic and manual course review and enrollment functionality.
  • Personalized eLearning opportunities with group courses and dripping content.
  • Watu and Chained Quiz integration for creating quizzes, tests, and exams.
  • myCRED integration to share badges and rewards.
  • Insightful reporting system.
  • Progress bar for student’s course performance evaluation.
  • Rich plugin compatibility.
  • Notification feature for important notices.

Cons of Namaste LMS

  • The free plan is not that featureful.
  • It can be overwhelming for a beginner to use this LMS.

Namaste! LMS Pricing:

Namaste! LMS pricing

Namaste! LMS includes 3 plans in its premium packages. These plans include no hidden or recurring costs. On top of this, you will get one year of free updates and support for all three plans. Here are the premium plans for this LMS:

  • Namaste! Pro: $67/year
  • Namaste! Plugins Bundle: $97/year.
  • Namaste! Full Bundle: $137/year.

Summing Up

As we wrap up our exploration of Namaste! LMS review, its distinct features and functionalities picture a versatile platform that meets the diverse requirements of modern educators. While newcomers might find the learning curve steep and the free plan somewhat limited considering available functionalities, you might end up using the premium packages which are feature-rich and more powerful. 

Still, Namaste! LMS offers a diverse set of features for sleek course creation and customization. However, there are many more LMSs available in this eLearning industry. Each has unique strengths. So, go through all the LMSs such as LearnDash review, Sensei Review, and WP Courseware Review to pick the most appropriate one for your online website.

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