100+ WooCommerce Plugins Reviewed for Productivity and Sales

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People who own eCommerce businesses know what WooCommerce is. It’s a dedicated open-source plugin for WordPress CMS. WordPress is a familiar name in the world of websites. It’s the most used CMS that offers built-in eCommerce features to its users.

However, WordPress is not an eCommerce platform. WooCommerce is the one that can turn your WordPress website into a full-fledged eCommerce store. Despite being a significant cornerstone of an eCommerce store, WooCommerce can’t do everything you want.

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Therefore, you must need some of the best WooCommerce plugins to cater to your requirements. Otherwise, your store will bring lower conversion rates, a bad user experience, and missed business opportunities.

Do you want that? Of course not.

So, what do you need to create a successful WooCommerce store online? Some best WooCommerce plugins will make your WooCommerce store stand out.

The following article will enlighten your knowledge regarding some useful WooCommerce for WordPress. There will be around 100 plugins on the list. So, sit tight and patiently before you start reading the whole article. Hopefully, you will no longer need to look anywhere else.

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Note that there are millions of best WooCommerce plugins out there. We have chosen the best of the bests only for you. But this doesn’t mean other plugins are useless. You can take our suggestions or find a perfect one for yourself.

So, let’s begin.

100 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Your Online Store

First, read the complete guide of the 100 best WooCommerce plugins for your WordPress eCommerce site. Then you can easily decide which plugin fits your online store. So, if you’re an online entrepreneur looking to start an eCommerce business, this article will be beneficial.

Best WooCommerce Plugins for Store Enhancement

We’ve categorized all the plugins under different sections. So, let’s begin with the store enhancement category. These plugins will help your customers to find the products they desire.

This add-on will add instant search relevance results to your WooCommerce store. Therefore, you will be able to find any product with ease. Isn’t it great? This add-on will save you enough time to manage your online store.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Product Search

WooCommerce Checkout Add-ons

WooCommerce Plugin for Customizing Checkout Page and Pricing
WooCommerce Plugin for Customizing Checkout Page and Pricing

Do you want to add more options, such as gift wrapping, shopping insurance, and rush fulfillment, to the checkout process? This plugin is the right fit for you. Your customer will be able to choose various options according to their needs.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Checkout Add-ons

Product Add-ons

You can add new options such as checkboxes, dropdowns, or input boxes to your products. Therefore, your customers can add customized gift messages, laser engraving, donations, and more. You can give it a try!

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Product Add-ons

Currency Converter Widget

If you’re running an international online store, this plugin can help you a lot. It can use the latest exchange rate using an open-source API system. It can substitute the store price in real-time. A buyer will purchase a product based on your store currency, but you will be able to see the converted price from your backend.

Price: $29 – $99

Download: Currency Converter

Product Image Watermark

Now you can add a watermark to all your product images, whether it’s catalog, thumbnail, main image, or product pop-up image. This plugin will do the whole process within a short time. You can also choose different watermark positions. Isn’t that awesome?

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Image Watermark

Checkout Field Editor

This plugin allows you to add custom fields to the checkout pages. It can add custom messages, delivery dates, and more. It also supports checkboxes, selection, and text. It’s the ideal plugin you can ever have.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce Wishlist

If you use this plugin, your customer can create public and private wishlists for themselves. However, that’s not all! Unregistered guest customers can make unlimited wishlists for 30 days, and registered customers can create wishlists indefinitely.

Price: $79 – $199

Download: WooCommerce Wishlists

WooCommerce Splash Popup

The following plugin allows you to show different content to logged-in and logged-out audiences, such as new offers, newsletter sign-up forms, promotional offers, and much more. A handy plugin, for sure.

Price: $29 – $99

Download: WooCommerce Splash Pop-up

WooCommerce Conditional Content

This plugin will display messages, reminders, advertisements, or other content based on the rules and conditions. This will start working when customers add something to a cart in a specific quantity from a different category, and more.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Conditional Content

WooCommerce Product Compare

This awesome plugin comes with a compare widget. Your customers can compare products according to their requirements. You can also customize compare page that fits your store pretty well.

Price: $79 – $179

Download: Product Compare

WooCommerce Quick View

This plugin enables a quick view feature on looped products in your buyer’s cart. Your buyers can quickly see all the product information, such as available colors, sizes, prices, and more. So, are you thinking of trying this one out?

Price: $29 – $99

Download: Quick View

WooCommerce Product Filter

The following plugin is a product search plugin. It helps your buyers to search for their desired products by attributes, tags, categories, and more. Above all, It gives a fantastic user experience to your customers.

Price: Free

Download: Woof Product Filter

Order Delivery Date (Pro)

This add-on allows your buyer to choose a delivery date according to their convenience. It can also sync the delivery date with Google calendar as. A fantastic plugin you can use. So, what are you waiting for?

Price: $99 – $249

Download: Order Delivery Date

Product Delivery Date (Pro)

This plugin is a bit similar to the previous one. It helps your customers to choose preferred delivery dates according to their needs. They can see the date directly on the order page.

Price: $99 – $249

Download: Product Delivery

Best WooCommerce Plugins for Marketing

A store full of products is not enough if you don’t have marketing and strategic policies. These plugins will hike your marketing strategies and will bring more sales. More sales mean more earnings.


Are you looking for a higher conversion rate? This is the plugin you need. This plugin helps you to send reminder emails and tweets to your customers who left products in the cart about promotional offers, viewed products, coupons, and more. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for marketing.

Price: $99 – $249

Download: Follow-Ups

Email Customizer

You can consider this plugin if you want to spark up your emails. This plugin will let you drag and drop elements to your email through the built-in WordPress customizable options. You can modify the email templates whenever you want. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for email marketing.

Price: $79 – $179

Download: Email Customizer

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

You can give your buyers, and potential customers reward points for their repurchases, sign up, and leave a review of your store. They can use these points as discounts on their next purchase. You can impress your customers very well.

Price: $129 – $299

Download: Points and Rewards

Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

You can keep track of the user experience and behavior during their purchase. It will help you understand your valued customers well and help you make the next decision accordingly. Most importantly, it’s free to use! It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for marketing campeigns.

Price: Free

Download: Google Analytics

WooCommerce Mailchimp

You can sync your customers to any email list you want. You can create targeted email campaigns for your customers with this awesome plugin. It’s free of cost! You can get this plugin anytime.

Price: Free

Download: Mailchimp for WooCommerce

WooCommerce AdWords

This is the best plugin to optimize your AdWord campaigns to bring more customers to your store. This plugin can track your store orders coming through the AdWords campaign. It’s a free plugin, of course. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for marketing campaigns.

Price: Free

Download: WooCommerce AdWords

Facebook Pixel Manager

This plugin is available in both free and premium versions. It will allow you to add Facebook pixels to every page of your store. It can automatically configure all the important events from your WooCommerce store. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for Facebook marketing.

Price: Free, $80 – $200

Download: Facebook Pixel

Constant Contact Integration

This plugin will help add your customers to your constant contact email list. It can also add a checkbox as a reminder of newsletter sign-up.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Constant Contact

WooCommerce Instagram

You can tag your products by using specific hashtags. This plugin will let you know how others are using your products. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for Instagram marketing.

Price: $29 – $129

Download: WooCommerce Instagram

SMS Alert

This plugin will keep your customers updated via SMS. You need to keep your customers happy and worry-free. So, you should give it a try. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for SMS marketing.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: SMS Alert

WooCommerce Simple Auction

So, now you can add auction features to your WooCommerce store just like eBay. Do you want to add auction features?

Price: $21

Download: Simple Auction

Customer Relationship Manager

When you run a WooCommerce store, it’s essential to keep track of your customer data. This plugin will help you to do so regularly.

Price: $59

Download: Customer Relationship Manager

Smart Offers

This plugin can boost your conversion rate. How? It will create sales funnel for your store and can offer products as one-time offers, upsells, and more.

Price: $149 – $249

Download: Smart Offers

Facebook for WooCommerce

Promote your WooCommerce store on Facebook. You can do it with ease with this plugin. It’s free of cost. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for Facebook marketing.

Price: Free

Download: Facebook for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro

There will be buyers who will add products to their carts but will never finish the checkout process. This plugin will help you send reminder emails to those targeted customers.

Price: $119 – $249

Download: Abandon Cart Pro

Best WooCommerce Plugins for Payments

WooCommerce offers different payment methods, such as cash on delivery, bank transfer, and PayPal. However, some plugins allow the store owner to integrate more powerful and helpful payment options. Let’s see:

PayPal by Braintree

This plugin has PayPal, Credi, and Debit card options. It can prevent fraudulent activities by enabling risk thresholds, CVV, and AVS. It’s a free plugin. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for payment methods.

Price: Free

Download: PayPal by Braintree

Stripe for WooCommerce

You can add a Stripe payment method with this plugin. This plugin will also add MasterCard, American Express, Visa, JCB, Diners Club Card, Apple Pay, and more. This plugin is also free. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for payment methods.

Price: Free

Download: Stripe for WooCommerce

Amazon Pay

You can integrate Amazon Pay into your WooCommerce store pretty easily. This is a 100% free plugin. So, give it a try.

Price: Free

Download: Amazon Pay

Square for WooCommerce

You can add Square to your online and offline store payments. You can manage the inventory manually or automatically.

Price: $79 – $179

Download: Square for WooCommerce

Mollie Payments

You can quickly integrate almost all the major payment methods in your store. This plugin will let you manage all kinds of refunds as well. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for WooCommerce payment methods.

Price: Free

Download: Mollie Payment


Authorize.net AIM allows your buyers to pay with Authorize.net eChecks, credit cards, and much more.

Price: $79 – $199

Download: Authorize.net

Conditional Shipping and Payments

It will allow you to configure simple to advanced shipping and payment rules depending on product category, classes, and shipping systems. It’s one of the best WooCommerce plugins for payment methods.

Price: $79 – $179

Download: Conditional Shipping and Payments


It’s a WooCommerce payment gateway plugin. 2checkout accepts payments from clients. It also accepts credit cards and PayPal.

Price: Free, $35 for the premium version

Download: 2Checkout

WooCommerce Business WorldPay

You can add the WorldPay gateway to your store. Your customers will have a link directly to the WorldPay payment page. It’s a free plugin.

Price: Free

Download: WooCommerce WorldPay

PDF Invoice and Slips

This plugin will automatically add a PDF invoice to the confirmation email. It has both free and pro versions.

Price: Free, $18 for the Pro version

Download: PDF Invoice and Slips

Price Based on Country

This plugin will add multiple currencies depending on the country. It works great for the international store.

Price: Free, $29 – $49

Download: Price Based on Country

Deposits for WooCommerce

This plugin helps your store accept deposit payments in flat amounts or percentages. As a store owner, you can also accept partial payments.

Price: $39 – $99

Download: Deposit for WooCommerce

Best WooCommerce Plugins for Product Types

WooCommerce store is for more than just physical products. You can sell any non-physical or digital products too! Digital products include membership programs, subscriptions, tickets, and more. The plugins will help you create the store according to your specialized products.

WooCommerce Membership

This awesome membership plugin will allow you to restrict store content to specific store members. You can also sell memberships, assign memberships, and more.

Price: $149 – $249

Download: WooCommerce Membership


You can add virtual and physical subscription options with this fantastic plugin.

Price: $199 – $399

Download: WooCommerce Subscription

Product Bundles

You can offer bulk discount packages, personalized product bundles, and assembled products with this plugin.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Product Bundles

WooCommerce Photography

You can sell photos instantly using this simple drag & drop-enabled plugin.

Price: $79 – $179

Download: WooCommerce Photography

Woo Box Office

You can sell tickets for your following function, event, function, conference, or concert directly in your store.

Price: $129 – $299

Download: WooCommerce Box Office

WooCommerce Booking and Appointment

Your customers can book appointments or reservations directly from your website without even leaving.

Price: $119 – $249

Download: Booking and Appointment

Custom Product Tabs

This free plugin helps WooCommerce stores to allow store owners to add custom tabs to all the products.

Price: Free

Download: Product Tabs

Checkout Field Editor (Pro)

The checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) Plugin allows you to add upto 20 custom checkout fields to the checkout page. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface.

Price: Free, $39 – $129

Download: Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce Import Export

This free plugin will help you export and import all your WooCommerce store products in CSV format.

Price: Free

Download: Import Export

Woo Product Filter

This product filter plugin lets your customers filter all the products by categories, attributes, stock level, and more.

Price: $34

Download: Woo Product Filter

Composite Products

You can create custom product configurators and product kit builders using existing products.

Price: $99 – $199

Download: Composite Products

Best WooCommerce Plugins for Shipping

Selling products is only part of the game. Your other top priority should be getting the purchased products into the hands of the customers on time. These plugins will make your shipping process more manageable than before. So, let’s check out the following:

DHL Shipping

You can add DHL shipping options to your store.

Price: Free, $79 – $199

Download: DHL Shipping

Shipping Easy

It’s a free plugin that helps you manage product shipping from your store.

Price: Free

Download: Shipping Easy


You can manage all your orders quickly and easily using ShipStation.

Price: Free

Download: Shipping Easy

Advanced Free Shipping

This free plugin will give you complete control over your WooCommerce shipping rates.

Price: Free

Download: Advanced Free Shipping

Cart-Based Shipping for WooCommerce

This plugin allows you to set various shipping rates depending on your customers’ items in their carts.

Price: $18

Download: Cart-Based Shipping

FedEx for WooCommerce

Now you can get shipping rates from the FedEx API for domestic and international parcels.

Price: Free, $79 – $199

Download: FedEx for WooCommerce

USPS for WooCommerce

This plugin allows you to connect with USPS API and fetch shipping service rates accordingly.

Price: $69 – $199

Download: USPS for WooCommerce

Table Rate Shipping

You can use this plugin for flexible shipping options. You can define shipping rates based on places, price, weight, shipping class, etc.

Price: $99 – $299

Download: Table Rate Shipping

Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

Your customers can track their shipments in the easiest way possible. Give this plugin a try.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Shipment Tracking

WooCommerce Flexible Shipping

This is a feature-rich shipping plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Price: $129 – $349

Download: Flexible Shipping

Role-Based Shipping for WooCommerce

This plugin allows you to limit available shipping methods and payment gateways for each user.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Role-Based Shipping

WooCommerce Multiple Addresses

You can allow your customers to ship individual products in a single order to multiple addresses.

Price: $49 – $149

Download: Multiple Addresses

Distance Rate Shipping

You can offer shipping rates based on the distance and according to the total travel time to your customer.

Price: $79 – $179

Download: Distance Rate Shipping

Shipwire for WooCommerce

This full-featured plugin has real-time shipping rates, live inventory tracking updates, and automatic fulfillment processing.

Price: $129 – $299

Download: Shipwire for WooCommerce

Amazon Fulfillment

You can connect your store to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon. This plugin lets you automatically ship orders to your customers.

Price: $129 – $299

Download: Amazon Fulfillment

Shipment Tracking (Pro)

You can send shipment tracking information to your customers via an order completion notification email.

Price: $59 – $189

Download: Shipment Tracking

Best WooCommerce Plugins for Store Management

Managing your WooCommerce store is the essential part. If you want your store to run smoothly with a better user experience, you can count on any of these plugins. Make your store management task better than ever.


You can automate sales tax compliance for your WooCommerce store with accurate sales tax calculations.

Price: $19/month

Download: TaxJar


You can add automated sync between your WooCommerce store and Xero account.

Price: $79 – $199

Download: Xero

US Export Compliance

Increase the comfort and security of your online store transactions by making your shop compliant with US Export regulations.

Price: $129 – $299

Download: US Export Compliance

Unify for WooCommerce

Unify can integrate advanced features in your checkout to enhance the user experience and increase sales potential.

Price: Free, $39 for the Premium version

Download: Unify

Order Status Control

You can use this automated add-on to change the order status to “completed” after successful payment.

Price: $29 – $129

Download: Order Status Control

EU Vat Assistant

This free plugin allows you to achieve compliance with the new European VAT regulations.

Price: Free

Download: EU Vat Assistant

HelpScout for WooCommerce

You can start relevant conversations with your valued customers using WooCommerce Help Scout.

Price: $79 – $129

Download: Help Scout

LiveChat for WooCommerce

LiveChat is the best messaging platform for sales and support. It can increase average order value and sales.

Price: $16

Download: LiveChat

WooCommerce CSV Export

You can manually export customer details, order details, and coupons from your store or on an automated schedule.

Price: $79 – $179

Download: CSV Export

WooCommerce MultivendorX

This plugin helps create your eCommerce store with unique features.

Price: Free

Download: MultivendorX

Multiple Product Configurator

You can add a multistep form for your products. It will increase the user experience.

Price: $24

Download: Multiple Product Configurator

Advanced Reporting for WooCommerce

It’s the most comprehensive reporting plugin that shows orders, sales reports, coupons, product categories, and more.

Price: $24
Download: Advanced Reporting

Other Best WooCommerce Plugins (Honorable Mentions)

There are thousands of WooCommerce plugins. This article has told the stories of very few of them. However, there are a few more plugins you can use. These plugins have various sets of features and workabilities. You will love them without a doubt. So, let’s dive into our honorable mentions.

CM Commerce

It’s time to automate your WooCommerce marketing with something out of the box. CM Commerce is awesome.

Price: Free, $19

Download: CM Commerce

Wholesale Pricing

This plugin will add some impressive wholesale features to your store.

Price: $35

Download: Wholesale Pricing

Upload Files for WooCommerce

You can upload files on the product, order details, and checkout pages.

Price: $26

Download: Upload Files

PDF Product Catalogue

This plugin will allow your customers to download a PDF catalog of all products.

Price: $25

Download: PDF Product Catalog

Donation for WooCommerce

This plugin will help you accept donations on your WooCommerce store.

Price: $18

Download: WooCommerce Donation

Social Login for WooCommerce

This add-on will allow your customers to log in and checkout using their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Price: $39

Download: Social Login

Extended Coupon Features

It’s time to add some extra functionalities to your coupons.

Price: $29

Download: Extended Coupon Features

Extra Product Options

You can create priced product options and addons, conditional logic, and more with this plugin.

Price: $24

Download: Extra Product Options

Woo Stock Manager

You can manage all product stocks from a single page. It’s a free plugin.

Price: Free
Download: Stock Manager

Editor’s Note

This article is unbiased and neutral regarding listing all the plugins from various developers. The editor has thoroughly researched before enlisting all the best WooCommerce plugins here. However, the editor agrees with the fact that there are millions of plugins in the industry that are useful.

It wasn’t easy to choose the best plugins. The research team has considered vital factors such as user ratings, number of downloads, active installations, and key features before choosing all the best WooCommerce plugins.

There are thousands of plugins available on the internet. We only selected a very few among those. It’s up to the users whether they will use these or not. As a user, you can choose any plugins you feel are best for you.

All the readers are free to share their valuable thoughts.

Let us know if you think the article needs to include any plugins. Our research team will look into it and will be added to the list accordingly.

Final Words

Finally, this is the wrap-up for now. Hopefully, this article has been beneficial to you. Now it’s time to choose the best WooCommerce plugins for your online store and spark your entrepreneurship to a new level.

Moreover, you can share your valuable thoughts on this best WooCommerce plugins guide. Was it helpful for you? Did this article miss anything you wanted? Please don’t forget to leave your comment.

Thank you so much for bearing with us. Your patience is appreciable.

Have a good day!

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