10 Best WordPress Plugins for Human Resource Management

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WordPress Plugins for Human Resource Management

Every company needs a human resource department that maintains employees’ and employers’ interests. This article is about some useful WordPress plugins for human resource management. Whether you own a company or an employee, this content will help you choose the best WordPress plugins for human resource management.

Every company has different departments with specific roles, from an advertising agency, Marketing agency to an IT company. Human resource management is the one that holds every department intact and united. Therefore, HR management is that important.

Furthermore, managing human resources isn’t an easy job at all. A few WordPress plugins for human resource management will make things much more manageable.

It’s time to look at some of the best WordPress plugins for human resource management, right?

Let’s begin!


This fantastic plugin will boost productivity while saving you time at the same time. Managing employees’ leave, attendance, and salary will be very easy with WPHRM. If you’re looking for one of the best WordPress plugins for human resource management, consider WPHRM today!

You can manage employees’ personal information, such as joining date, leave, department, salary, etc. You can approve or disapprove leave a request through this WordPress plugin. It’s time to give it a try.

Download WPHRM


CrewHRM is a robust recruitment solution for small to medium size organizations. This WordPress job board plugin includes a dashboard from where your HR can monitor the entire hiring process. And, assign members to go through candidates’ applications. Besides, this also offers highly professional job post templates and lets you write a complete post following a pattern in minutes.

Additionally, you can seamlessly check and monitor entire candidate profiles via an inbox. Here, you can sort out these profiles and make necessary adjustments by dragging and dropping. Also, Ai integration is coming soon in this HRM solution.

Download CrewHRM


WP ERP is a complete business and employee management WordPress plugin developed by weDevs. It’s one of the well-integrated WordPress plugins for human resource management. You can manage employees’ data, such as assessments, dates, leave, salary, department, etc.

You can quickly assist your entire HR department with this single WordPress plugin. It comes with unique human resource management features making it the best-selling HR plugin in the marketplace. Get this plugin from the link below.

Download WP ERP

WP HR Manager

It’s an HR plugin and a complete finance management WordPress plugin. You can operate any human resource and financial management work from your website. WP HR manager makes the whole process more manageable with a few clicks. It’s one of the unique features-packed WordPress plugins for human resource management.

You can expand your website with excellent human resource tools with an HR manager. Its user-friendly features make your work easier and faster than ever.

Download HR Manager

Business Manager

The Business Manager WordPress plugin can be the best solution if you own a small business or company. Business Managers can turn your website into a streamlined human resource management system quickly. It has fantastic features with a range of user-friendly capabilities.

This plugin allows your employees to manage their data with ease and frequency. They can access their leave requests and user profile from their account dashboard. Isn’t it great? Want to give it a try? Go to the link below.

Download Business Manager

Innovs HR

It’s time to manage your whole human resource department from your WordPress dashboard. Yes, that’s right! Innovs HR brings all the helpful features to make human resource management much more flexible and user-friendly. You can make your employees feel unique with Innovs HR. How? You can schedule birthday and work anniversaries in this plugin. Isn’t that amazing?

Download Innovs HR

Jotform Online Form

Jotform is a popular form-building WordPress plugin. Additionally, it’s one of the best WordPress plugins for human resource management systems. It stores all the necessary human resource data, such as employee reports, return-to-work forms, incident reports, and more.

The users can easily embed forms into the website, making it a complete human resource hub. Jotform allows you to customize layouts with the in-built form builder. You don’t need coding experience to use this plugin.

Download Jotform Online Form

WP Human Resource Management

It is one of the oldest HR plugins of WordPress. With WP Human Resource Management, you can manage your company’s HR easily from your WordPress website. This plugin supports multisite and also has an unlimited number of employees along with individual profiles for each of them. It offers a variety of features including –

  • Dashboard
  • Departments
  • Designation
  • Employee List
  • Individual Employee Profile
  • Payroll
  • Attendance
  • Leave
  • Recruitment

You can try this feature-rich HR plugin, but make sure to have a backup as this plugin has not been updated for a long time.

Download WP Human Resource Management


weForms is a popular form plugin that offers some HR features including collecting employee information through forms. This feature-rich plugin offers an array of tools and functionalities for creating forms tailored to HR needs. With weForms, HR professionals can effortlessly generate forms for job listings, employee listings, and collecting crucial employee information.

It has many modules that can be used as HR tools including Quizzes, Reports, etc. You can even create a database of employees through form submissions. It has a drag-and-drop form builder with 30+ form fields. All these can be helpful for any HR team.

Download weForms


WPForms is a powerful WordPress form plugin that caters to various HR needs, making it an essential tool for businesses. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, WPForms enables the effortless creation of forms for essential HR purposes. Whether it’s job listing, employee listing, collecting employee information, or maintaining an employee database, WPForms provides a seamless solution. The plugin offers customizable templates, advanced form fields, and integration options with popular HR management systems, ensuring flexibility and compatibility. WPForms simplifies HR processes, streamlines data collection, and enhances organizational efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for HR professionals and businesses of all sizes.

Download WPForms

SP Project and Document Manager

Sharing essential notices about the product or management with every employee was always challenging. However, the SP document manager keeps the whole process as simple as possible. It makes your HR and project management work handier.

You can accomplish your result-oriented target with SP project. It’s an excellent plugin by its features, making it one of the finest WordPress plugins for human resource and project management.

Download SP Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an employee management system in WordPress?

Grab a plugin like WP ERP if you want to manage your employees using your WordPress site. Install it, run the setup wizard, and start adding employees. As a WordPress HR Plugin, it also handles leave requests and performance reviews. Pretty cool, right?

What is the plugin for staff management in WordPress?

If you’re looking for a way to manage your team in WordPress, the WP ERP plugin is a good shout. It helps you manage staff profiles, leaves, and even performance logs. It’s like a complete WordPress HR Management unit right inside your website.

What are the top 5 WordPress HRM plugins?

3. WP-HR Manager
4. Innovs HR
5. Business Manager

What is the payroll plugin for WordPress?

WP ERP Payroll is a good payroll plugin for WordPress. It helps manage salaries, generate payslips, and handle other payroll tasks. However, it might need a paid subscription and always check for compliance with local regulations.


Other profit-building departments often overshadow human resource departments. However, you must remember that your HR department keeps all the puzzle pieces together. This article was informative for you. You can wisely choose the best WordPress plugins for human resource management.

Do you have any favorite HR management plugins on your priority list? You can share your suggestions or experience because we appreciate your voice.

That’s all for now. Have a great day!

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