WordPress Classic Vs Block Themes: Which One Wins the Race

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WordPress classic vs block themes

With the consistent revolution of modern technology, WordPress always remains the top pick whenever people think to establish an online presence. Offering numerous WordPress themes & plugins, it empowers website creation and gives your website-building experience new heights.

However, because of having an abundance of themes & plugins, people struggle to make the right choice. For example, while selecting the theme, people get confused about classic themes & block themes since both offer a vast array of website creation and customization options. 

That’s why, in this blog, we will remove the veil of confusion, comparing the features, options, and user-friendliness of classic & block themes. So, without further ado, let’s hop into the WordPress classic vs block themes battle to reach the conclusion of the best theme…

Quick Overview: Classic Themes & Block Themes

WordPress themes refer to a set of files that indicates your site’s overall appearance and function. In other words, a WordPress theme is responsible for how your website looks and functions. 

In the advanced and revolutionized era of WordPress, classic themes & block themes have become new buzzwords. However, sadly, some people are still not fully aware of the basics of these two themes. 

So, let’s check out what exactly are WordPress classic and block themes:

Classic Themes:

Classic themes are traditional themes that are customized by WordPress customizer, giving certain edit access (color & fonts) to users. These themes use custom page templates and widgets to create page layouts. 

Block Themes:

WordPress block themes are modern themes that are introduced with Gutenberg Editor and use blocks to revolutionize the way of website creation. They allow users to create, arrange, and rearrange pages using different types of blocks.

WordPress Classic Vs Block Themes

When it comes to creating & designing your website, the decision that will make you think is which one is the right theme for your site. Regardless of having a plethora of options, still, you will be confused between classic and block themes. That’s why, it’s important to learn the nitty-gritty comparison between classic and block themes if you don’t want to compromise the outlook of your site.

So, let’s dive into the key differences between classic and block themes:

WordPress Classic Vs Block Themes

Classic ThemesBlock Themes
The classic theme uses WordPress Customizer.Block theme uses Site Editor.
Classic themes utilize various PHP files to showcase parts & site content.These themes make use of HTML files to display blocks.
Standard template hierarchy is used in classic themes.Block themes utilize the WP template hierarchy.
These store template files in the root directory.Block-based themes store template files in the templates folder.
Classic themes locate template parts in any directory.WordPress block themes locate template parts in the parts folder.
These traditional themes use widgets as well as widget areasThese block-based themes use blocks instead of widgets.
For displaying content, Classic themes use PHP functions.WordPress block-based themes use blocks to showcase every part of your website.
Classic themes use a custom logo.Block themes use logo blocks to create a logo for the site.
The user-friendly drag and drop feature is not available in Classic themes.Websites can be customized by leveraging the easiest drag-and-drop feature.
Customization is less user-friendly than block themes.Customization is more beginner-friendly than Classic themes.

Which One is Right for You?

Still, you can’t conclude which WordPress theme wins the race. Don’t worry. Take a look at an in-depth analysis of both theme’s design, customization, UX, and other key features that drastically influence your website development experience:

Design & Customization

Through classic themes, you can edit a website using WordPress Customizer. These themes use widgets and widget areas for website development. 

However, you will mostly miss one thing in classic themes which is the seamless drag and drop website- building experience that block themes contain. In block themes, you can customize every part of your website using blocks. These contain different types of blocks for different purposes so you don’t need to code or go through a tedious customization process.

User Experience & Interface

Classic themes and block themes both offer fine UX. Although, if you scrutinize their speed, customization, etc you will find block themes top of the list. Because while using a block theme, you can do almost everything using blocks. You don’t have to rely on third-party tools.

On the contrary, you have to use third-party tools to back up the limitations of classic themes. As a result, your site speed will slow down because of using different tools. Furthermore, classic themes don’t support drag-and-drop website customizations that can be done through block themes. 

Due to these reasons, block themes offer better UX and UI than classic themes.

SEO & Responsiveness

Classic themes are compatible with SEO plugins that can be used to optimize websites for Search Engines. And in terms of responsiveness, classic themes can be designed to be responsive. 

On the other hand, block themes or Full Site Editor is designed to maintain responsiveness from the start. Besides, block themes also have plugins for better Search Engine Optimization. So, if you consider SEO and Responsiveness, both themes win the battle. 

Classic Vs Block Themes: Final Verdict

WordPress classic themes vs block themes which one is the best seems like a daunting discussion as they’re both excellent in different ways. However, due to the massive development of WordPress block themes, people started to think more about them and their opportunities. 

It completely depends on your requirements and preferences. If you’re looking for a theme that maintains familiarity and simplicity then, a classic theme is a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you crave a modern, dynamic, drag-and-drop website creation and development experience then, you should go for WordPress block themes. So, take a good look at your needs and pick a theme that aligns with your requirements. 

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