Why Should You Use WordPress LMS Plugin: 7 Reasons

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Why you should use LMS v2

In this digital age, the demand for online learning has increased tremendously and so have the chances of success in this industry where the power of LMS is needless to describe for delivering engaging and effective online courses. 

And when it comes to LMS platforms, WordPress stands out as a versatile and robust content management system. But why should you specifically use a WordPress LMS plugin?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the 7 compelling reasons why incorporating a WordPress LMS plugin into your eLearning website to revolutionize course creation, management, and delivery. So without further ado, let’s get started with the benefits of WordPress LMS plugins with the basics…

What is a WordPress LMS Plugin?

A WordPress LMS plugin means software that lets you transform your website into an online learning management platform. It helps you to create and organize courses, lessons, quizzes, assignments, and other training materials on your website. 

In short, an LMS plugin comes with all the features and functionalities that are essential to creating, managing, and delivering eLearning materials for your online learning platform.

Why Should You Use WordPress LMS Plugin?

LMS plugins have several compelling reasons that force you to use these for your eLearning platform. Here are the key reasons why should you use WordPress LMS plugin for your online learning website: 

Easy course setup and management: 

Why should you use WordPress LMS plugin

An LMS plugin contains all the functionalities to get started with a full-fledged eLearning website. This plugin is not only best for LMS functionalities but also its user interface. On top of that, these LMS software ensure to offer and maintain a seamless course management system for your business.

Limitless customization:

These LMS plugins for WordPress have limitless customization options which make it possible to create a fully personalized eLearning website. You will have full control over the layout, design, and branding of your online learning website. Therefore, you will be able to create and customize your eLearning website that aligns with your brand. 

Content creation and delivery:

Benefits of WordPress LMS plugins

Besides course creation, LMS plugins provide robust features for creating, managing, and scheduling content for your online learning platform. These also have scheduling options for content releases, drip-feeding lessons, etc. Therefore, you can easily create content for your courses and schedule them to launch at a predetermined time.

Monetize courses:

If course monetization is your target, then you can easily accomplish it by leveraging its features which allow you to set course prices, subscriptions, and payment processing systems for your online courses. Thus, you can easily earn money from courses without facing any difficulties.

Assessment and progress tracking:  

track progress by using WordPress LMS plugins

Thanks to these LMS plugins, you can easily access and track the progress of your students or participants by setting quizzes, feedback forms, and short tests. As a result, you can easily create performance reports and understand the progress of your course participants. 

Reliable support system:

WordPress is a large community of developers, writers, designers, and support engineers who are always ready to help you. For being open source, you will have abundant resources, tutorials, and files guiding you to use the WordPress LMS plugin. Besides, the best WordPress LMS plugins offer a dedicated support system for their users which means you can get assistance from their customer service whenever you will need help.


Not only paid but also free versions are available in the best WordPress LMS plugin packages. Although, the free versions are not as feature-full as the premium. Still, these freemium versions are quite effective for starting eLearning websites as you will find basic functions. 

Aside from free plans, there are also lucrative premium packages for LMS plugins which are efficient for building an eLearning platform and saving cost. 

Can WordPress be used as an LMS?

Yes, WordPress can be used as an LMS by leveraging its plugins which are dedicated to building eLearning websites. 

WordPress itself is a content management system that comes with tons of plugins and themes for creating any website. Just like any other website, you can create and manage an eLearning platform utilizing its LMS plugins. These plugins will extend your website functionalities and capabilities to create and manage your online education website.

Which LMS is best for WordPress?

There are multiple LMS plugins available in WordPress consisting of different features and strengths. However, you can’t consider all as the best WordPress LMS plugins. Here are some examples of the best LMS plugins: LifterLMS, Tutor LMS, LearnDash, Sensei LMS, etc.

Which plugin is used to create LMS?

You will find several LMS plugins which can be used to introduce and extend the LMS features to your websites such as Tutor LMS, LifterLMS, LearnDash, etc.  These plugins have all the necessary features and options to start with an eLearning website. However, for evaluating the functionalities of these LMS plugins, do try out the freemium versions before going for a paid version.

Summing up

Utilizing a WordPress LMS plugin offers a multitude of compelling reasons for anyone looking to create and manage an effective online learning platform. Whether you are an educator, trainer, or entrepreneur, this powerful tool empowers you to deliver high-quality educational content and engage your audience with ease.

Also, a WordPress LMS plugin offers seamless integration with other essential tools and plugins, allowing you to enhance your platform’s functionality. No matter if you want integration with payment gateways to facilitate secure transactions or integration with email marketing services to automate communication with your learners, these plugins provide a range of options to streamline your operations and save you time and effort.

That’s why it’s essential to adopt an LMS plugin for enjoying a collection of features and opportunities needed to start and operate an eLearning platform. So, adopt an LMS plugin and create your eLearning website to shine bright in this industry.

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